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Ellen Grondijs

Somatic Therapist
Primal Rebirth Therapy (PRT)

"Turn your shit into gold."

About Ellen

My name is Ellen Grondijs, and I am studying body-oriented (psycho)therapy at the Aumm Institute. My way of leaving home was by flying to the other side of the world and traveling for two years through the beautiful New Zealand and Australia. When I returned from my journey, I began to feel. Feelings of sadness, anger, and panic that I had literally and figuratively run away from.

The body keeps the score. My body communicated with me through physical pain. Later, I also experienced a burnout, which I was in for two years, but eventually emerged from. 

The sessions with my body-oriented therapist were so valuable to me that I wanted to learn more. That's when I decided to pursue the Primal Rebirth Therapy training at the Aumm Institute. The first two years of the training are solely focused on your own personal journey, and the third and fourth years are about becoming a therapist. To experience this work for yourself first before passing it on to others.


I am a therapist with clarity, humor, strength, gentleness, and a loving presence.


Would you like to know more about me or do you want to make an appointment for a free get-to-know session?Feel free to get in touch with me. You don't have to go through it alone. I'd be happy to walk alongside you for a while.

Instagram: @ellenprojects

Groningen, The Netherlands

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