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Mediflow offers a safe space to connect with yourself and each other through meditation, embodiment and connection practices. 

We welcome you with open arms & an open heart to the Mediflow Community and we look forward to meeting you at our sessions and events!

With love,

Ellen & Marije

Mediflow Facilitators

Every other Wednesday evening 7-9 pm
@EdanZ in Groningen

Mediflow sessions are for people of all ages and levels of experience. The spoken language is English.


Upcoming Events

During my first Mediflow session, a whole new world opened up for me. I felt a connection with the entire group, without knowing anyone. I experienced openness, safety and warmth and I feel grateful for all the beautiful people I have met!

Barbara, 23

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Mediflow Facilitators & Organization


Somatic Therapist

Ellen is a Somatic Therapist (in training), studying Primal Rebirth Therapy® at the Aumm Institute in the Netherlands. Her work focuses on practicing (moving) meditations, embodiment practices, tantra, connection exercises, and breathwork.


Applied Psychologist

Marije is an Applied Psychologist (BSc) and Self-Connection Coach. Her mission, as well as her passion, is to help people restore and strengthen the connection with themselves as a way to improve well-being and to find more fulfillment in life. She is familiar with a variety of holistic, mindful and spiritual practices, like meditation, visualization, and energy healing.


It is the year 2021. Spring season has commenced and people are carefully stepping out of their isolated spaces after a winter in lockdown. The sun is out in Groningen, the Netherlands and people gather in the parks in search for joy, support, and each other. Connections are being made, common interests discussed, and ideas shared. A community is found.

What once started as a group chat for conscious people in Groningen with a shared interest in meditation, soon grew into a large community of like-minded people that regularly came together to meditate in an anti-squat building in the city, occupied by students and expats.

From people showing up spontaneously, to sign up lists that fill up within 2 minutes. From simple guided meditations to breathwork sessions, embodiment practices, and professional workshops.


Mediflow sessions are not what they once were. And that is okay! Together with its facilitators and organizers, Mediflow has grown into a more inclusive and professional organization.


Offering both regular evening sessions and (multiple) day retreats, Mediflow provides a safe space for those in and around Groningen to come together to consciously connect with themselves and others on an honest, deep and intimate level.


Whether you have never meditated before, or it is already a part of your daily ritual, Mediflow is for all of those who feel the call to come together to practice and experience meditation, breathwork, embodiment, mindfulness, and more. 

Ellen and Marije welcome you with open arms & an open heart and hope to see you soon!


Our Story





by Ellen and Marije

Groningen, The Netherlands

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