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Mediflow Day 3 Dec Flyer


December 3, 2022

Saturday, 11:00 - 18:00

Ellen, Jerry and Marije are inviting you to join the Mediflow Day on Saturday December 3, 2022

After a great success with the first Mediflow Day in June this year, we are excited to bring you along another full day of meditation, breathwork, mindfulness, connection and embodiment practices!

  • nourish & relax your body, mind and soul;

  • deeply connect with yourself & like-minded people;

  • ground & recharge your energy.

The Mediflow Day is for anyone who feels the call to join; 

whether you are new to these mindful practices or are more experienced.


What people said about the previous Mediflow Day in June 2022:

Hauke, 26 - The Mediflow Day was a truly amazing experience for me. The team of facilitators guided us through a variety of practices and very nicely complemented each other with their competences and approaches for healing and personal growth. I really appreciate how ...

Alana, 25 - The Mediflow Day was such a beautiful day! It was filled with exercices on meditation, breathwork, dancing and inquiries! With their knowledge and enthusiasm, Ellen, Jerry & Marije created a safe space for us all to be vulnerable and to express ourselves. We all shared ...

Nathan, 23 - The Mediflow Day was organised with eye for detail and a well fit together build up of the program with different exercises. It was admiring for me to witness the professional teamwork of Ellen, Jerry and Marije. What is full of power when their energries ...

Caspar, 23 - The Mediflow Day offered a wide variety of inspiring exercises. I look back on a beautiful day filled with (inner) amazement and connections. I highly recommend doing this if you want to experience life on a deeper level.


The Mediflow Day will take place on Saturday December 3, 2022 from 10:30 to 18:00 at EdanZ center in Groningen (Van Oldenbarneveltlaan 6).

This event is for all who are interested in connecting with themselves and others in a mindful way. This is for all people (18+) who feel the call to join. No previous experience necessary.

The spoken language is English. However, as most of us are Dutch, we can help you out if you feel a little uncomfortable speaking English.


Starting at 10:30 am, we welcome you at EdanZ with a cup of tea. 

At 11 am we will start our journey. We have a full day planned with a lunch break inbetween.

The day will end at around 6 pm, after which you are welcome to stick around to chat and connect with others and choose to buy yourself dinner at Sangha Cafe (at EdanZ).

On this day, we will do a variety of exercises using our body, mind and breath to open our heart and to connect with what is happening within us.  

  • ​​We will have a lunch break at around 1 pm. For lunch you can either choose to bring your own or buy lunch at EdanZ (vegan & gluten-free option, details will be shared later).

  • Yoga mats, meditation cushions and blankets are provided.

  • Wear comfortable (layered) clothing & bring your own water bottle and notebook, in case you want to write down things during, in between and/or after the day.

  • We offer water & tea for free. You can buy other drinks at the bar at EdanZ.

  • Ellen, Jerry, Marije will all be facilitating and assisting during this day (alternating roles).


The Mediflow Day will take place at EdanZ center in Groningen (city)a center to meet and connect with others & for personal development. As a community of volunteers and entrepreneurs, EdanZ creates a place where everyone is welcome.

EdanZ, Studio 3
Van Oldenbarneveltlaan 6
9716 EJ Groningen


We offer two different tickets: a solo and a duo ticket.

Solo Ticket - € 55

Solo tickets are available for 55 euro per person.

Duo Ticket - € 100

Duo tickets are available for 50 euro per person, 100 euro in total.

(bring a friend - most affordable option)

We allow a maximum of 16 participants to join this Mediflow Day.

Tickets Medifow Day


Jerry Mattox


jerry profile.png

Jerry is a Masterful Breathcoach (Level 3 training by Kasper van der Meulen) and in his work he brings with him his knowledge of and experience with breathwork, yoga, mindfulness, psychedelics, cold exposure, and open-relating. Together with his wife Nicky he lives at and co-runs the New Eden Retreat Center.

Ellen Grondijs



Ellen is a Somatic Therapist (in training), studying Primal Rebirth Therapy® at the Aumm Institute in the Netherlands. Her work focuses on practicing (moving) meditations, embodiment practices, tantra, connection exercises, and breathwork.

Marije Mulder



Marije is an Applied Psychologist (BSc) and Self-Connection Coach. Her mission, as well as her passion, is to help people restore and strengthen the connection with themselves as a way to improve well-being and to find more fulfillment in life. She is familiar with a variety of holistic, mindful and spiritual practices, like meditation, visualization, and energy healing.

Mediflow team

We are very excited about this Mediflow Day and are looking forward to guiding you through a beautiful and mindful day!

With love,

Ellen, Jerry, and Marije


For questions you can contact us via:

What people say about our regular Mediflow sessions:

During my first Mediflow session, a whole new world opened up for me. I felt a connection with the entire group, without knowing anyone. I experienced openness, safety and warmth and I feel grateful for all the beautiful people I have met!

Barbara, 23


Email us via

and we are happy to answer any of your questions.

We are also available for a short call (request via contact form or email).


With love,

Ellen, Jerry and Marije

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